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Cornell CALS

Cornell College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Cornell College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) is a premier institution of scientific learning, tackling the complex challenges of our time through purpose-driven science. Underpinning Cornell’s Land-Grant mission, CALS shares the core values held by the university and strives to reflect those in all aspects of our teaching, research and extension work. Core values are defined as inviolable commitments that express “who we are as a community” and what principles or qualities should infuse all practices and activities within the community.

The Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability

The Center is the hub of collaborative sustainability research at Cornell University, forging vital connections among  researchers, students, staff, and external partners. The center’s funding and programming accelerate groundbreaking research within and across all of Cornell’s colleges and schools. In turn, the center is the university’s home to bold ideas and powerful new models that ensure people and the planet not only survive, but thrive.
Cornell Atkinson provides opportunities to connect with passionate experts and innovators, theorists and practitioners, business leaders and philanthropists, to catalyze extraordinary change.

1000FARMS logo


The project aims to provide on-farm data for African breeding networks to ensure that varieties perform well and to accurately measure genetic gains. Using the tricot approach (triadic comparison of technology options), farmers test and validate new crop varieties and technologies under local conditions. A network of trial farm sites will gather production, preference, and weather data to keep up with evolving climatic conditions and track changing market requirements. By involving farmers in the research process, the project seeks to increase adoption of new technologies and improve crop yields and incomes for farmers.

African Plant Nutrition Institute

APNI is dedicated to enhancing plant nutrition for a resilient and food-secure Africa. The strategic focus of APNI is on Precision Nutrient Management, as a link between enduring knowledge gaps pertaining to Climate and Weather-Smart Plant Nutrition, and to Soil Health for Improved Livelihoods. APNI’s activities investigate farmer-centric strategies for changing climate and weather conditions, while exploring the link between plant nutrition and healthy agricultural systems and landscapes. APNI also supports partners and farmers with evidence and information-management tools that improve plant nutrient management.


The Convergences Institute for Digital Agriculture is supported by INRAE (the French National Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research), a consortium of 16 public and private partners and 30 research units to implement interdisciplinary research across agronomic, engineering, social and management sciences. #DigitAg brings together over 570 experts around the construction of the scientific and educational foundations necessary for the harmonious deployment of digital agriculture in France, Europe and the countries of the South.


The institute fulfills the mission of educating and supporting agricultural communities in New York and the world through programs that create new knowledge and new practices.
The combined passions and talents of Cornell’s world-renowned researchers manifest in transformational knowledge and technologies, while our collaboration, education, and outreach activities nurture a new generation of leaders poised to help farmers increase their productivity and profitability while also protecting the environment. 

CEIA logo

Centre for Effective Innovation in Agriculture

The CEIA works to ensure agricultural and horticultural research supports practical innovation that is relevant to the future challenges faced in farming, ensuring impact at the scale and pace those challenges demand. Specialists in agricultural innovation and adoption from five of England’s top agricultural universities have come together to create a virtual centre of expertise supported by the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust.

GFAR logo

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation

GFAR is a unique global platform for agricultural research and innovation jointly established by FAO, IFAD, The World Bank, and CGIAR. GFAR is driven by over 900 members from 13 constituencies, including small-scale producers, allowing for collaboration among public, private, and civil actors to shape the future of agriculture and achieve SDG impacts. 

ISPA logo

International Society of Precision Agriculture

The ISPA is a scientific organisation dedicated to advancing the sciences of precision agriculture globally. The ISPA enables the highlight of significant research and its applications in precision agriculture, to showcase emerging technologies and information management for agriculture on key topics for scientists, crop consultants, advisors, extension personnel, agronomists, producers, and other practitioners.

Inclusivity Sponsors

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